Train, Railroad & Derailment Accidents

Federal Employer Liability Act

Train, railroad and derailment accidents occur in Louisiana for a variety of reasons.

Train crashes may involve accidents with passenger rail trains, e.g. Amtrak, commuter rail trains or freight railroad train companies.

Railroad accidents may involve reconditioning or maintenance of locomotive generators, rewiring components, interchanges or switching services and thus, may also involve manufacturers and railway train companies for the railroad such as Manufacturers Railway Company.

Derailment accidents on railways, train crashes and other railroad accidents typically undergo a railroad safety investigation. The railroad safety investigations frequently found that derailments, train crashes and rail accidents were caused by negligence, rule violations, or other reckless conduct. Negligence by an individual employee, such as a train conductor, rail inspector or railroad maintenance mechanic may involve:

  • Alcohol Intoxication or Illegal Drug use by an employee of the train or railroad;
  • Inferior Locomotive Fuel Tank Integrity;
  • Hazardous Waste from chemical or other materials;
  • Hazardous or defective Highway and Railroad Crossings;
  • Inadequate Locomotive Operating Practices and policies;
  • Inadequate signal interchanges or railway controls;
  • Faulty or inferior track inspection;
  • Defective Crossing signals
  • Improper switching;
  • Failure to use locomotive horn
  • Trail Operator fatigue
  • Alcohol Intoxication or Illegal Drug Use by the train, rail or railroad employee
  • Improper Locomotive Fuel Tank Integrity
  • Hazardous Chemicals or Waste Materials
  • Defective Highway Rail & Railroad Crossings
  • Poor Train Locomotive Operating Practices and Policies
  • Inadequate Signal Interchanges or Train Controls
  • Faulty Train Track or Rail Inspection
  • Defective Crossing Signals
  • Improper Switching
  • Failure to Use of Locomotive Horns
  • Operator Fatigue
  • Excessive speed by the train operator
  • Sun Kinks
  • Unguarded Railroad Crossings

Association of American Railroads
Railroads & Trains – National Transportation Safety Board
Federal Railroad Administration

Railroad accidents

Louisiana Revised Statutes 32:168 and 32:169 provide the laws governing the safety provisions which are to be provided on and around locomotives, railroad tracks and crossings spanning for thousands of miles in Louisiana.

Every ninety minutes, there is a train wreck in the United States. There are about 3,000 railroad accidents in the United States each year and approximately 1,000 deaths result from these train wrecks.

Many personal injuries are the result of railroad accidents or collisions. Some examples of injuries that result from railroad accidents are cervical and lumbar sprains, herniated and ruptured discs, fractures, knee injuries, brain damage, and paralysis. Victims of railroad collisions may recover for pain and suffering, medical expenses, property damage, lost wages and loss of earning capacity.

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